Great Songs From Indie Artists - 1st Edition

Quite often I come across songs by independent and upcoming artists and think wow, what a great song! How come it’s not big on every radio station? Let me share a few with you - hidden gems of songs from musicians, some of whom I’ve met and even had the pleasure of working with.

nash jack gillen.jpg

Ex Libras - City Kids Grow Never Seeing the Stars

A song I came across via the weekly Listening Post on Fresh on the Net (which deserves a separate post of its own). It starts as a nice ballad with tender voice... but don’t be shocked when it goes all Mars Volta on you!

Grace Moon & the Jaguar - Summer City

I couldn't write this list without mentioning the producer of my records, JB Pilon, and his great project Grace Moon & the Jaguar. While the Moon and the Jaguar went their own separate ways, they left the legacy of a great EP and an equally brilliant follow-up single, ‘Jungle’. ’Summer City’ probably remains my favourite.

Jack Gillen - Walls

I have the pleasure of Jack supporting me in live performances with his extraordinary guitar style - and I had even more pleasure listening to his recently released EP ‘The Long Way Down’. Whether you're a fan of jazz or rock, it's a fascinating little record. ‘Walls’ in particular captured my heart, 

Victor Vox - Fearless Adventurer

With his distinctive voice and songwriting, once you listen to Victor Vox's songs, you will never forget them. It's hard to pick just one song from his repertoire, but ‘Fearless Adventurer’ has been with me since the first time I heard it in 2017. Victor helped me enormously on my first EP, too, for which I am eternally grateful.